Kelly Hitchcock

Kelly 2015

Kelly's first experience with weights began in his own garage at the age of twelve, and by the time he was eighteen, he opened his first gym in Ennis, Texas.  He never imagined that almost two decades later, he would be sharing his knowledge with corporations, schools, and fitness professionals.  As a featured guest speaker on local television and radio programs, he is able to spread the truth about health and fitness to thousands.

Kelly has always loved a challenge.  After winning numerous powerlifitng and bodybuilding titles (1990 Mr. Texas and 1991 Mr. USA Class Champion), his focus turned toward education.  In an industry filled with "fitness experts", fad diets, and gimmick machines, Kelly wanted to expose the fallacies and share the truth with regard to health and fitness.

Relying heavily on the work and wisdom of distinguished experts in the fields of kinesiology and medicine, Kelly has taken difficult and detailed information and produced a simple and successful program.  The "secret" of health and fitness is no secret at all - it is science and math.  Knowledge and application transform minds, bodies and lives.

Community Involvement:

2002 - American Cancer Society, Texas Division: Nutrition / Physical Activity Chairperson

2015 - Alzheimer's Alliance of Smith County: Board member


Professional Certifications:

1995 - Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research: Certified Personal Trainer

2006 - International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA): Certified Fitness Trainer

2015 - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM): Behavior Change Specialist

Body Building Achievements:

1987 Lackland Bodybuilding Overall Champion

1988 Mr. Texas (class champion)

1990 Mr. Texas (overall champion)

1991 Mr. USA (class champion)

2000 NPC Europa Super Show Body Building

  • 1st place in the open class
  • 3rd place in the over 40 class



Powerlifting Achievements

1985 Texas State Powerlifting 181 lb. Class Champion

1986 Texas State Powerlifting 198 lb. Class Champion

1987 APF World Bench Press Champion (505 at 198 lb.)

2000 NASS Strongman competition 3rd place